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Although they have been around for many years, flyers remain a great way to get the word out about your business or event.

Why create a flyer?

It is a simple, low tech way to communicate with your audience. Handing out flyers (beware: you may need permission for this), having them delivered door to door or leaving them in strategic places like waiting rooms and restaurants could help boost your business. In today’s digital age, sometimes it is nice to get something tangible!

How to get my flyers printed?

With our Digital Printing Press, we can print leaflets and flyers to your specification, on a quick turnaround. When it comes to flyer printing we would say try and stand out:
Don’t be afraid of colour: using colour really can catch people’s eye so don’t be afraid to use colours that compliment your brand in a flyer.
Do something unique: this very much depends on your brand, maybe a retro flyer is right for you? Or print on an unusual angle?
Chose a different shape: having something other than a standard rectangular leaflet to distribute will make your flyer a cut above the rest. At Hacketts we can print flyers in a range of shapes.
How long will it take: For all but the largest jobs, we operate a 24 hour turnaround. Designing an eye catching flyer can be a challenge but we have a team of design experts ready to offer help and advice.

How much does flyer printing cost?

With prices starting at only €20 there’s no reason not to contact Hacketts . We can help you print flyers that works best for your business.