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Although they have been around for many years, brochures remain a great way to communicate with potential and existing audience. What has changed is how company’s communicate through brochures.

Why create a brochure?

It is a simple, low tech way to communicate with your audience. Do your family fight for the brochure from the supermarkets in the Sunday paper? Done properly, you could have your audience fighting over yours!

How to write a brochure?

There are a few key things that will help your brochure be successful:

Keep it customer focused: this is important. Instead of writing about your needs, think about theirs. Show them how your products make their lives easier.

Use beautiful images: we are becoming an increasingly visual society we shop and socialise online where images are everything so don’t let your business down with poor imagery.

Make it useful: increase the lifespan of your brochure by including useful information, include barbeque recipes if you sell outdoor furniture so it is kept around all summer!

Tell your story: there is room in a brochure to inject some of your brands personality, don’t just talk about your product remind people of when they will use it, like a barbeque on warm sunny day.

Make your printed brochure stand out: don’t just think A5 for your brochure there are lots of other options – square, rectangular or curved edges can make your brochure stand out from the crowd.

How to get my brochures printed?

With our Digital Printing Press, we can design and print brochures to your specification, on a quick turnaround. Designing an eye catching brochure can be a challenge but we have a team of design experts ready to offer help and advice.

How much does brochure printing cost?

The cost of brochures depends on the size and number of pages, the type of paper and the quantity ordered, but it is probably less than you think, so there is no reason not to contact Hacketts. We can help you to print a brochure that will work for your business.