What is the most precious thing in your home?

Many of us would include photographs at the top of the list, especially photos of family or friends who may have passed on. But physical photos are at risk, something as simple as a spilled drink can destroy them. A fire or flood could mean precious photos are lost for ever. So why not avail of our photo scanning service and keep photos digitally so they are preserved for generations to come?

What is our photo scanning service?

We can scan your negatives, slides and photos as digital images onto CD or DVD. We scan at the highest possible resolution, so you can enlarge your photos into:

– Posters

– Canvases

– Collages

Without resolution problems.

How many photos can you scan?

We also offer a bulk photo scanning service which is perfect for turning hundreds of old photos and slides lying in forgotten shoeboxes into digital copies. To talk about our photo scanning service with one of our advisors or to arrange a consultation, call your nearest Hacketts branch.

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