Architecture 3D Printing

We can help your business dreams become a reality with our architectural model 3D printing service. 

Why Hacketts for Architectural 3D Printing? 

At Hacketts Baggot Street branch we have been helping Irish businesses with their 3D printing services since 2006 so you can be confident our models will be detailed and accurate.

Hackett 3D can print Architectural Models quickly and cost effectively in both white and colour. Relevant software includes SketchUp, Autodesk 3D, Revit, Solidworks, and most 3D CAD or BIM digital files.

The possibilities for 3D printing services are only limited by your imagination. If you want to see your architectural designs in 3D, we would love to hear from you so we can show you how our business can help yours! 

See our 3d printing in action below:

Please visit our specialised 3d printing site for more information: 

Be inspired: 3D print not only for architectural models

3D printing is enabling amazing technological advances. Recently a boy received a prosthetic hand  for a fraction of the usual cost using 3D printing. There is a doctor in the US who is hoping 3D print will revolutionise organ donation over the next decade. 3D Print is already being used for more than architectural models in China where they have started to print full size houses!