Have you started a company in Ireland? How are you recognised? Or have you been in business for many years but your logo no longer symbolises what you do, if it ever did.

Your business is more than just a name; your logo represents your brand and values. Your company logo should be the foundation of your marketing strategy. But there is a lot to take into account when designing a company logo:

  • Colour: choosing a colour for your company logo is about more than just aesthetics. Did you know blue is a great colour to use in your professional logo design if you are a solicitor, medical professional or scientist because it is a calm, clean colour associated with credibility and focus.
  • Digital: it is likely that your logo will be viewed on a variety of touchpoints including print, online and on social media. As we access the internet through a variety of devices it is also likely to be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet. To make sure it always looks its best your logo needs to be created in a number of formats.
  • Simplicity: as Leonardo Da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” corporate logo design should communicate your values clearly and at a glance.
  • Striking: your logo must be fitting and simple so it stays in the viewers mind. A great example is the McDonalds logo, the ‘golden arches’ are globally recognised.

With this, and more, to consider it’s important to call in the professionals when it comes to company logo design.

brand logo graphic designer

At Hacketts our professional designers have developed a three step process to help you create an original and memorable identity, a recognisable logo design which reflects your values and promotes your business:

1. Consultation: we work with you to understand your company and its values

2. Concept Design: we create an agreed number of concepts for your logo

3. Development of distinctive colours and font

We work collaboratively with you to create a company logo design you are proud to have represent your business. To make the process even easier we have offices located around the country so you can have your logo designed with us no matter where you are in Ireland. We also tailor logo design packages to meet your company needs and budget.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, we would love to hear from you so we can show you how our business can help yours!

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