Scanning old documents

Building our own system where a suitable one does not exist elsewhere

One of our legal clients needed a copy of an oversized document held in a specialised library, whose policy was not to allow any documents out of the premises and not to subject them to any unusual handling.

Many deeds and old maps are too delicate to be put through a standard roller-fed scanning process, which can damage fragile documents, or those containing raised surfaces such as seals. This is a particular problem with documents larger than A3 size – too big for office flatbed glass scanners. Hacketts responded to this by developing a piece of equipment in house that scans the document without any direct contact on the original.

In the case of the specific example above, we dismantled our equipment, loaded it in a van and assembled it again on site at the library premises and were able to successfully scan the document under the supervision of the library staff.

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