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Printing and scanning in your office

As well as traditional printing services at our locations in Dublin Limerick and Cork, Hacketts provide a range of on-site services such as Managed Print Rooms, On-Site Scanning and MPS. We deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions tailored to the exact circumstances of the client and their objectives.

Managed Print Rooms

Managed Print Rooms

Hacketts have vast experience of running managed print rooms for our clients. Whether on a construction site for the term of the building project or in an office environment on an ongoing basis, we can tailor the solution for your needs: the right equipment, software and personnel to manage your internal and external communications at the right price.

On Site Scanning

On Site Scanning

If your documents are too confidential or too fragile to be taken off site, let Hacketts bring our equipment and people to you. We’ll get the job done in the minimum time with the least amount of disruption. No job to small or too big – if the project lasts days, months or even years, we can manage it.



Ensure that you have the latest technology while limiting your capital commitment. Hacketts have been providing and servicing print equipment and print management tools to our clients at their offices for over 30 years.

Backroom Support

Case Study: Enniskillen Hospital Site

Backroom support for 3 year hospital construction project

Hackett Reprographics were appointed by FCC Elliott Construction to provide an onsite print facility for the 36 month duration of construction of the Enniskillen Acute Hospital, a project that was valued at €500M.  During this period, Hacketts set up and staffed a purpose built and fully equipped printroom onsite to service the printing requirements of all contractors onsite.

This facility gave our clients access to the latest technology without the need for costly investment on their part. They also had the backup support of our nationwide branch network, thereby eliminating any disruption during peek periods or machine downtime. Deadlines were always met due to both the commitment and dedication of the Hackett personnel, and having the latest and most up to date equipment available onsite. This removed the burden of producing documentation from client staff and improved the quality and production times for all printed documents. 

Hacketts were available to turnaround large volumes at peeks times and where necessary, extra staff and equipment were drafted in to ensure that turnaround times were met. This onsite facility enabled our clients to focus on the design and built aspect of the project, while Hacketts managed all apsects of print production and distribution.

On Site Scanning

Case Study: Irish Fertiliser Plant

On Site scanning and

2006 was the year that a Chilean Company purchased all the fertiliser making equipment from the closed down IFI plant in Cobh Co Cork. This operation consisted of de-commissioning of the existing buildings and all the process making machinery on site, loading this on a ship and transporting it to Chile where it was re-commissioned and is working successfully to this day.

Hackett Reprographics involvement in this project consisted of 3 months on site scanning and digitisation of all the hard copy paper drawings and folders which were part of the purchase of the equipment. We set-up a temporary site office which consisted of three staff members, one scanning, one sorting and one digitally indexing the file. This work was time consuming due to the fact that numerous documents were extremely old and had to be delicately handled in the scanning process but following our time on site we successfully handed over a fully completed digital handover to our customer on time and within budget.

Again, this project was awarded to Hackett Reprographics following a rigorous tendering process and we were awarded the project based on our past experience, knowledge and turnaround of such projects in the past.

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